3 Steps for Getting Help for Drug Addiction

3 Steps for Getting Help for Drug Addiction

Getting help for drug addiction is more than just wandering up to a rehab center one day and coming back out magically cured. In fact, if those are your expectations, you may be setting yourself up for relapse. Being well prepared and truly committed to the journey is the key to long-term sobriety. Take these 3 steps for getting help for drug addiction:


Getting Help for Drug Addiction: Do Your Research

Step 1: Do Your Research

Going into rehab blind is a recipe for disaster: this journey is deeply personal and requires you to be open to life changes. Prepare yourself for what lies ahead by doing your research. Beyond helping you ready yourself physically and mentally, this also allows you to have a bit more control regarding the kind of treatment you receive. Expand your horizons beyond your immediate surroundings and keep an open mind and heart: the greatest growth happens when we step outside of our comfort zone.

Do you know the difference between residential inpatient treatment and partial hospitalization? Is intensive outpatient treatment a viable option for you? What are your options for detox? Researching the industry and the options available to you gives you the best chance for long-term success in recovery. As you do your research, be honest with yourself: the treatment options that are most appealing may not be what’s best for you. If you’re uncertain or don’t know where to begin, consulting the addiction recovery specialists at Addiction Recovery Now can help you navigate through your options.


Getting Help for Drug Addiction; Commit to the Process

Step 2: Commit

Yes, while you’re doing your research you’re entertaining the thought of going into treatment. But getting help for drug addiction requires commitment: you have to be truly ready to change your life. Dedicating yourself to a life free of illicit substances isn’t just a goal- it’s a journey you must continue each day. Addiction recovery is a conscious decision you make each day to remain above the urges and influences.

Throughout your time in treatment you will learn new coping mechanisms and life skills to replace the crutch that is drug abuse. It may not seem possible now, but one day you will wake up and your first thought won’t be about how you’ll get high that day- you just have to get there.


Getting Help for Drug Addiction: Reach Out For Help

Step 3: Reach Out for Help

The final step for getting help for drug addiction can be the most daunting to some: you have to reach out for help. Trying to go it alone may seem noble, but don’t allow your pride or ego to set you up for relapse. Don’t give up on yourself. No matter what may lie in your past or how many roadblocks you may have faced, you can achieve sobriety.

Once you’ve determined what kind of recovery facility will best suit your needs, reach out to begin the admission process. To make this part run smoother, be prepared to provide information regarding your identity, drug history, and insurance information. If you are concerned about costs of treatment, resources are available that can help you get insurance coverage or get financing- you may also elect out-of-pocket payments.


Addiction Recovery Now is here to help you along each step of the way to ensure you are successful throughout rehab and beyond. Contact us now if you’re ready to begin your recovery journey.


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