When it comes to addiction, whether it is to prescription painkillers, methamphetamine, heroin or any other drug, having the right kind of addiction support to help you through treatment is crucial. Every addict who has overcome their addiction is likely to have a different success story than the next, for instance some individuals can quit cold turkey (depending on the drug) and others had to use multiple forms of therapy and detox to kick their habit. No two addicts are going to be the same. It is for this reason that a professional treatment facility can critical to overcoming a drug addiction and to staying clean.

Why a Treatment Facility?

There are a number of legitimate reasons why addiction treatment in an in-patient facility is much more beneficial to addicts.

  • Detox is monitored by medical professionals in a safe environment.
  • Access to professionals who understand the sensitive needs of recovering addicts.
  • Addiction therapy can be tailored to the specific needs of the individual. For instance some addicts require family-based therapy, intensive cognitive-behavioral therapy, etc.
  • Addicts are given an opportunity to be around others who have addiction problems as well, letting them know they are not alone.
  • In-patient treatment allows the individual to focus on their rehabilitation…and only their rehabilitation!

Drug detox and rehab in a professional treatment facility is recommended for addicts who have abused drugs for an extended period of time, those who have had difficulty getting clean by other means and anyone who wants the additional support in this difficult time.

What if I Can’t Afford Treatment?

Many people learn about the pricing of treatment facilities and let it keep them from seeking treatment at all. But, it is important to understand that there are plenty of ways you can still get quality addiction support while on a budget. Many health insurance providers include coverage for addiction treatment in in-patient facilities; it is just a matter of calling your insurance company to learn more. Many government grants are available to certain individuals to help pay for rehabilitation services so that they can return to becoming productive members of society. Lastly, there are always financing options available from the treatment facilities themselves to help you make manageable payments but still get the support that you need to get clean.

If you, or someone you love, are seeking positive addiction support to overcome your addiction problem, Florida’s Harbor Village can help. Not only is their facility tailored toward treating individuals who suffer from all types of addictions, but they have helped countless individuals get clean for good. Contact their professionals today at (855)767-8285.