As a parent, one of the last things that we expect to deal with when it comes to our teenagers is a drug addiction. Unfortunately, because drugs plague our communities and are so readily available it is a reality that some parents have to deal with.

Signs and Symptoms of Drug Use

Depending on the substance that your teenager has become addicted to, the symptoms are likely to vary. However, if you notice some of the following behaviors in your teen, it should raise a red flag:

  • Unusual, erratic behavior
  • Neglecting responsibilities (including school, extracurricular activities, job, etc.)
  • Causing problems in the household and school
  • Change in social circles
  • Change in physical health (weight loss, appetite change, etc.)

While these problems may not be associated with drug use, they are an indication of a deeper issue that needs to be dealt with, one of which may be substance abuse. One of the tools a teen parent has in their arsenal against addiction is the fact that they know their child well, and they may even still live at home. This means that you have the opportunity to see behavior and personality changes sooner than with adult addiction, which means that you can get them help sooner.

What Can I Do?

For parents, a teen that is addicted to drugs or alcohol can be devastating to a family, especially one in which there are multiple children witnessing the effects. This is a problem that has many parents wondering what they can do to fix the situation. The first step to helping your teen and repairing your family is seeking addiction assistance from a professional drug rehabilitation facility. Not only can these programs help your teen overcome their addiction, but they can provide family counseling to help repair any of the damage caused by the substance abuse. Drug addiction doesn’t just affect the addict, it affects the whole family.

If your teenager is struggling with a drug addiction, it is important to get them the treatment that they need to overcome it, and continue on into becoming a successful individual…without the need for drugs. Harbor Village, a drug and alcohol treatment facility located in Southern Florida, is dedicated to helping all individuals overcome their addiction. To find out how they can help your family contact their skilled professionals at (855)767-8285.