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Letting Go of Insecurity in Addiction Recovery

In addiction recovery, you learn to become stronger against substance abuse in your life, furthering your personal journey. Insecurity is a large inhibitor to the growth of an individual’s progress in recovery. People often compare themselves to others who are going through the same path in life as you. They may also fear that they will return to their substance use and be unable to truly overcome their addiction.  Learning to overcome and let go of your insecurity will allow you to grow closer to your goal of sobriety.

To let go of your insecurity while you are on your path to sobriety, you must learn to not compare yourself to others and give yourself credit for the changes you have made in your life. Through giving yourself credit for the goals you have accomplished in addiction recovery, you can learn to appreciate your progress. You will also be able to grow more confident in your overall recovery by being able to realize how far you have come. Feelings of doubt are often caused by a sense of fear of not being able to achieve goals you set for yourself. Don’t allow your self-doubt to consume you. Find ways to better yourself and your mind in recovery.

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How to Overcome Insecurity

To successfully overcome your insecurity in your recovery, you must identify what is making you insecure. Being able to identify factors in your life that make you feel unsure about being able to achieve sobriety will allow you to effectively cope with it. If someone is insecure about their recovery due to a previous failed attempt at sobriety, they can work to understand the emotions they may be feeling. Instead of allowing these feelings to take over their journey, they can learn to face them instead. Letting go of these negative emotions can help one to grow their confidence and self-esteem in recovery.

Becoming confident in your recovery can allow you to become more focused on what you want to achieve in your journey. You will begin to have a more positive mindset and address any negative emotions you may feel more effectively. As one grows to be more positive and confident in their abilities in recovery, they will be able to let go of the insecurity they feel about being able to overcome their addiction. They will be able to address the negative feelings that contribute to their insecurity.

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Though it may be difficult to do, one must learn how to overcome feelings of insecurity and self-doubt to successfully achieve sobriety. Allowing these negative emotions to take over your life will only push you further away from your goal of sobriety. You may be unsure of yourself in the beginning of your addiction recovery but you must let go of your insecurity. Instead, recognize the positive changes that can be made in your life as you become more open and focused on achieving a full recovery from your substance abuse.

Do you know any ways to let go of insecurity? Leave them in the comment section!